October 2017 News



A one-day conference at the Building Centre, London 24th November 2017.

The conference will explore how works of craft engage with modern and contemporary architecture through the interiors and exteriors of buildings and the spaces between buildings. It will enable a reflection on the ways that architecture makes demands of craft and its makers, or even rejects craft.

The Speakers will be:

  • Petra Blaisse (Keynote)
  • Piers Taylor (Keynote)
  • Roz Barr (Keynote)
  • Christopher Tipping
  • Richard Kindersley
  • Jo McCullen
  • Philip Koomen

Tickets £100 and £45 students and concession (includes lunch and evening reception) for booking and further details 01252 891450 or craftscentre@uca.ac.uk



A one-day conference held on October 27th 2017 at UCA Rochester discussing the impact of digital technology on printed and woven textiles and beyond, culminating  in a remarkable performance from  Collectress and Rambert Dance Company with the Project “In the Making: Lightdial” December 2016.


75 delegates heard presentations from:

  • Phillip David  Stearns (Keynote)
  • David Mabb (Keynote)
  • Dr Sonja Andrew
  • Dr. Katherine Townsend and Dr. Ania Sadkowska
  • Sue Prescott
  • Coral Fowley
  • Sharon McElroy
  • Evelyn Bennett and Rebecca Waterworth
Digital Material Performance Delegates

Digital Material Performance Delegates

Digital Material Performance Phillip David Stearm

Digital Material Performance Phillip David Stearm

HERE & NOW - contemporary tapestry exhibition

The final visitor figure was 298,000 and the catalogue was reprinted 4 times! The exhibition is now closed and the works returned to the artists - HOWEVER, interesting developments to be announced shortly.


A one-day conference held on September 29th 2017 at the Holburne Museum . It was attended by 89 delegates who heard presentations from  4 of the exhibiting artists (in order of presentation):

Barbara Heller (Canada)
Title: Tapestry and Politics - the Story from Then and Now

Abstract: In her tapestries Barbara Heller addresses the concerns of our planet today – environmental degradation, population displacement, power and politics, and the plight of the individual trying to make sense of all this. Her presentation will draw from historical tapestries, her own work and that of other Canadians to demonstrate that contemporary tapestry belongs to a long tradition of narrative art.

Pat Taylor (UK)
Title: Crafting Stories: However we tell stories, they are as real a part of us as the experiencing, fleeting self

Abstract: Pat Taylor will talk about the importance of narrative in woven tapestry with particular reference to her own recent work. She will also look both East and West, making connections, setting a prismic view of tapestry weaving.

Yasuko Fujino (Japan)
Title: Each story- Tapestries in Japan

Abstract: Yasuko Fujino's presentation has three strands: the shared narrative of pattern and motifs in traditional textiles in Japan; her own work - the narrative of memory within her work and the narrative that emerges as she is making the work; the interest in creating contemporary tapestry in Japan.

Valerie Kirk (Australia)
Title: Past, in the Present and the Future

Abstract: Valerie Kirk will discuss how tapestry presents our stories, leaving a legacy for future generations. She will look at how the history of people, for example early Peruvian culture, can be read through the tapestries that remain, and that artists today are still committed to producing images to be woven in workshops that demonstrate their views on our contemporary world.

Here & Now conference speakers and artists.jpg

Each of the presentations took one hour, including questions, which gave the speakers a good amount of time to develop their themes in depth - and they all responded  to the opportunity with great generosity.

After the conference there was a dinner to celebrate the end of the exhibition and the birthday of our long term colleague and Co-ordinator in Japan, Keiko Kawashima. Many friends and colleagues who had been unable to attend the conference joined us for the dinner, which was a truly celebratory event.