2011 > BITE SIZE: 
miniature textiles from Japan and the UK

The year 2011 marked 10 years since the exhibition Textural Space was shown in this country and 15 years since the exhibition Revelation was shown. Bite Size is a celebration of this long lasting and continuously developing relationship between textile artists in the UK and Japan.

What we wanted to do

A unique exhibition of contemporary textiles to mark 15 years of collaboration between the UK and Japan through Lesley Millar and the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). The significance of this exhibition lies in its focus on the importance of continuity when building successful relationships between communities. The exhibition both embodies and celebrates the realisation of meaningful and creative dialogue between textile practitioners, writers, critics, universities and the general public in Japan and the UK which has been developed over 15 years.

What we achieved

51 artists from the UK and Japan created miniature works, each work had the maximum size of 25cm in any direction. The artists were those who have taken part in the projects organised by Professor Lesley Millar and the University for the Creative Arts and was the first time ever that the works from all these practitioners have been seen together. The exhibition was held at The Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation in London and in Japan at Gallery Gallery Kyoto, and Nagoya University for the Arts. Many of the artists attended the opening of the exhibition in both countries and at all venues. The visitor numbers to the Daiwa Foundation were the most they had received for an exhibition.

1451 visitors to the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation. 90 attended the curator's talk.

Bite Size-stat-graphic.png
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