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“Where in the UK would a collector, or a museum or gallery curator, or a journalist or a student go to find contemporary textile artists?”

What we wanted to do

Create a unique resource to profile contemporary textile artists from the UK and around the world. There are listings of artists, designers and craftspeople which might contain textile artists, and there are a few galleries and museums who might include a contemporary textile exhibition in their programme. However, apart from various practitioner-run Group websites, there was no dedicated source for contemporary textile practice in the UK. So the answer to the question was to create this Artists' Gallery.

What we achieved

A web gallery of contemporary textile artists, initially drawn from those who have taken part in Transition and Influence projects, and which grown to currently include artists from all over the world, with applications to join being regularly received . Each artist has a page of images plus a statement about their work and their CV. Every year one of the emerging artists is profiled on the Gallery homepage as the 'one to watch'. There is also a curator's page giving updates on Transition and Influence projects. The Gallery has been accessed by members of its target audience from all over the world and is a recognised resource for schools and universities.

75 artists represented in the Gallery from 14 different countries.

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