Partner Meeting

Today, March 19th, we had our 2nd full partner meeting, which took place at RIBA in London, to discuss our application to EU Creative Europe. This time it was an extended grouping with several of the project artists also attending and contributing ideas. All confirmed partners have now completed their work programme and it was very exciting to now begin to make the connections between the proposals and discuss the exchanges, collaborations and modes of dissemination in more concrete terms. The areas of development are located within textiles, paper and performance with many potential connections across and between. With 10 partners from across Europe there is a real sense of internationalism, and at the same time it is challenging to draw the threads together in ways that everyone feels comfortable. However this meeting was very positive and we all felt we had been able to resolve anxieties on many issues. Although Uwe and I have visited all partners, sometimes on several occasions, it is so important that we meet as a total group and after the meeting and supper together there was a great feeling of being together, which will really help as the next stages will have to be negotiated through Skype.