THROUGH THE SURFACE explores points of difference and similarity within the cultures of Japan and Britain. The real exchange of ideas, techniques and an understanding of cultural and personal sensibilities as they relate to working practice can best be achieved through close collaboration resulting in a practical outcome. THROUGH THE SURFACE is a multi-layered title and in this way reflects the many levels of this project. 'Surface' can mean texture, the outer layer, a membrane. Through the surface can mean 'something emerging' or 'beyond the immediately visible'. The emerging relationships within THROUGH THE SURFACE are created through collaborative involvement with the surface texture and hidden structure of textiles. The final outcome will be an exhibition of work produced, which will be shown in both Britain and Japan during 2004/5. This exhibition will be designed by an architect who will work with the participants and venues from the earliest stages of the project.

This is the first ever collaborative project between established and emerging textile artists from Britain and Japan

THROUGH THE SURFACE is a project of collaboration, process and outcome, featuring 14 of the most innovative textile artists in Britain and Japan working in partnership. Their work spans fashion, art and science, and the resulting work from each partnership formed a unique and exciting exhibition. You can follow the progress of these seven unique working partnerships as they develop through their journals

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